Clubbers of the week: getting in a state in week eight

Is that Mariah Carey I see in the pres playlist?

The Christmas holidays are in sight as the last week of November comes to an end. While the deadlines may be closing in, we haven’t let that stop us from going to our favourite club nights. Cold weather has actually been proven to make students even more determined in their endeavours to get smashed. When your mum asks if you’re bringing a jacket on your night out, the only one you’re thinking of is the alcoholic kind.

Stunner of the week

I am actively simping over all three of you

Runners up

Stunners who know how to dress

Cool cowgirl hats ladies

Creeper of the week

He nipped into frame only to realise this was not his squad

Runners up

When your VKs are more important than anyone’s photograph

And I oop

Third wheel of the week

It’s okay love, you look gorgeous

Runners up

Mandatory ‘I’m just their flatmate’ smile

WTF of the week

There is so much yellow

Runners up

Pull a pose boys – you’re on camera

Were you boys printed in a factory??

Hero of the week

Heros who know how to accessorise

Runners up

Heros fall down sometimes, it’s okay

Wholesome heros

Heroine of the week

Cowgirl supreme

Runners up

The pose. The bucket. This girl is a heroine who knows her angles

Heroines love heroines

Album of the week

A funky country band album cover

Runners up

I can’t think of what genre this would be, I’m just living for the cowboy singing his heart out in the bottom left

If we didn’t get a club-track inspired cover, it wouldn’t be clubbers of the week

Squad of the week

You asked for this photo to be taken, and for that you are one dedicated squad

Runners up

Why is this booth half empty???

When you’re ready to leave but the rest of the squad want to keep going

Best of the rest

Are you balancing that bucket on your shoulder???

Big thumbs up to you too sir

When you’re that pretty you clear the dancefloor

Image credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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