Dear freshers: These are 10 things you need to try in Lincoln before term ends

Pull yourself out of The Square Sail or The Ritz and give these a go

The end of term is near, in four weeks we will all be home counting down the days until Christmas. I for one cannot wait. Quack may be great, but do you ever find yourself pining for more?

Have you ever thought of all the things you haven’t seen or visited in Lincoln, simply because you have no idea what else Lincoln has to offer?

We have curated a list of things for you to try so you don’t squander away your three years thinking the only thing to Lincoln is working out how to get around the Minerva Building.

1. Journey to Lincoln Castle and Cathedral

Did you know that you can actually visit the cathedral before graduation? I know, crazy. Although you have to endure the tough walk up steep hill (yikes) it is more than worth it.  Venture to the castle and learn about the rich history of Lincoln prisons and the Magna Carta, and while you’re at it, why not stop in the Magna Carta pub?

You can go into the gift shop and try on helmets that are way too small for you, because why not? The views from within the cathedral are breathtaking, but if you don’t want to pay to go in the exterior is enough. You can always get some great pics of you doing your ‘High School Musical’ jump outside.

2. Go to Doughnotts

Okay, if you have yet to try the absolute doughy bliss that is Doughnotts, where have you been? Seriously, have you been living under a rock? Are you still reading this? Go, now!

3. Be the main character in Waterstone’s Café 

Away from the hustle and bustle of Costa and Starbucks, Waterstone’s Café provides a perfect coffee stop. It has the aesthetics, the coffee, and the books (if you’re into that sort of thing). And who doesn’t love a stamp card, am I right?

4. Go football crazy at Sincil Bank 

Home to Lincoln City Football Club, why not go and show your Lincoln pride? Go imps! Woo! I totally know what I’m on about… On a serious note though, I’m not a mega football fan, but still enjoyed myself.

5. Find the ‘secret’ door to Vice & Co.

Based on the great alcohol prohibition in America, find the secret door and delve into the world that is Vice & Co. It is a speakeasy cocktail bar, need I say more? A real experience, this bar is a hop and a jump from the norm of 2-4-1’s at Slug.

6. Catch a film at Everyman

If you fancy spicing up your cinema trips, why not try Everyman Cinema for a change? Adorned with plush sofas and ‘chair’ service, this really is a no brainer. You can also get concession tickets as a student – the only downside is the tango ice-blast shaped hole in your heart. A brave sacrifice, but a worthy one.

7. Get competitive in Carousel’s arcade

Sure, Carousel has fab cocktails, but have you ventured upstairs? ‘Am I in Brighton?’ You might ask yourself. Nope! You’re still in Lincoln…yay. Decked out with arcade games and fun photo ops, it really is a good night out.

8. Order Kaspa’s

Do you see this yummy goodness? It’s reason enough, really.

9. Go on Lincoln’s spook-tacular ghost walk

Located up Steep Hill, immerse yourself in what’s behind the veil. Will you see anything? Who knows, but at least you’ll get your steps up, that’s for sure.

10. Treat yourself in 200 Degrees

If you haven’t had a study date or a Sunday morning treat at 200 Degrees, you are seriously missing out. Sure, the drinks are good, but the sausage rolls? Heavenly. The warm cinnamon roll? Divine. The welsh rarebit toastie? To die for. See where I’m going with this? They also have a lot of veggie/vegan options too!

You heard me! Stop trying to learn how the Minerva Building works (because you will never get it) and give these places a go.

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