Answer this Lancs trivia quiz and we’ll tell you if you’re on the naughty or nice list this year

It’s nearly stocking time…

It’s the last day of term. We have made it. All of our hard work, our pain, our tragedy, it has all culminated in the final essays handed in and the laptops slammed for the final time. We’re packing up and driving home for Christmas (because we can’t get the trains), away from Lancaster for four weeks.

But how well do we really know your adopted home? Can you tell the difference between the canal and the river? Do you know which is the Dukes and which is the Grand? Where, oh where, is the empty building where Sun Pizza (oh love of my life, I miss you) used to stand? Take this Lancaster trivia quiz and we’ll tell you whether you’re going to be on Santa’s naughty or nice list this festive season.


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