Take this merry music quiz and we’ll work out which friend you are on a night out

What do you call a musically-gifted elf? A Christmas rapper!

It’s almost the end of term. The nights are drawing in, the Christmas markets have been and gone, there is a massive Ferris wheel in Dalton Square and Sugar are holding their Winter Wonderland bash, a final hurrah before bowing out for the holidays. Will we all be bopping to the tunes of Mariah Carey and Micheal Buble before they retreat back into their caves for another year? Who knows.

How much, really do you know about your festive tunes? Do you have the facts to whip out and shout across the dance floor to your friends? Or are you content to live in your oblivious little bubble of not knowing, never knowing. Band Aid might as well just be an American plaster to you. Take our Christmas music quiz quiz to find out what kind of friend you are on a night out.


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