Still stuck for ideas? Nine alternative Christmas presents for Lancs students

Give the gift of Greggs this Christmas

With the Christmas market on campus happening last week and reindeer roaming Alex Square, the festive season is in full swing.

But are you locked up inside in the library cramming last minute essays? Do you still need to find your Christmas presents?

December and the impending end of term has crept up on us faster than the four speeds through Bowerham, so we’ve compiled a list of essentials perfect for your forgotten Secret Santa, or the special Lancaster student in your life.

1. Oodie/Snuddie

Anyone living in a Lancaster student house knows the pain of waking up in the morning, shivering your way down to the kitchen. Whilst these aren’t revolutionary, they’re cute and practical. You may not be able to gift the miracle of cheap heating, but you can gift a cool Snuddie.

2. Greggs voucher

Standing in the Greggs queue between lectures is a rite of passage for any self-respecting Lancs student, so what else could be a more perfect gift than a voucher for our coveted Greggs? Yes, they would still have to queue a ridiculous amount of time to use it, but the lucky recipient of such a gift would be so grateful to have a free sausage roll that the queue time would be instantly forgotten.

3. Mould spray

This may seem silly, but it’s arguably the most useful gift on this list. Fighting the battle against mould is harder than balancing responsibilities in deadline season, so this is the perfect solution to any Lancs student’s woes. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could even splash out to Mr Muscle.

4. An umbrella

Is your friend constantly waiting for the bus in the rain, but refuses to wear a raincoat because it ruins their aesthetic? A lovely, chic umbrella might solve all their issues! It’s practical and shows you care about them not getting hypothermia. Be sure to get an extra heavy-duty one to hold against the Lancaster wind, though.

5. College merch

Very basic, but who doesn’t want their own version of Bean the Duck (courtesy of County) or a Fylde bobble hat? Whether you have a Bowland bestie or a Lonsdale lover, let them show off their college pride this Christmas with the pinnacle of Lancs fashion. It shows you pay enough attention to know what college they’re in, yet suggests you didn’t want to risk it with a really niche gift they may not love. After all, who doesn’t adore college merch?

6. VKs

There’s no better gift than getting drunk for cheap. Imagine your friend’s happiness when they realise they’ve got at least one free pres (or more if they’re a total lightweight). You can even make it more festive by giving them only gingerbread-flavoured VKs — yes they exist, and they’re not as bad as they sound. It’s perfect for your lightweight pal or your Scroogey flatmate.

7. Duck feed

We’re not encouraging you to feed the ducks, but we all know people do it, and the ducks live off our Greggs crumbs anyway. If you know someone who’s OBSESSED with the ducks, then wrapping up some seed, oats or rice for make-shift duck feed may be the present you can give. Just a reminder to not accept responsibility when they ultimately get hounded by the ducks for more food.

8. Socks and pants

The laundry is constantly stealing our underwear. Where it goes, we may ultimately never know. Is there a knicker fairy somewhere on campus, or does someone just really like damp socks? This gift will save your Lancs student friend from having to turn their pants inside out because they’ve misplaced every other pair, or will at least mean they can leave it longer between washes, and then you’re giving them the gift of less money spent on Circuit Laundry. Whichever way you look at it, this is a gift that cannot fail.

9. Sultan’s Card

Got a full Sultan’s loyalty card? That would make anyone’s Lancaster Christmas as joyous as the feeling of getting on a 100 that isn’t full. There’s no better food when you’re drunk than Sultan’s cheesy chips, and it will taste even better to them if it’s free. It will be hard to give away something so treasured that you’ve worked so hard to achieve, but really that will show them how much you care.

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