All the best places to study on campus when you’re bored of the library

The best spots for when you need a change of scenery

Have you ever rocked up to the Library on a Monday afternoon and just wish you hadn’t bothered? Even just trying to climb the stairs to B floor can be enough to deter even the most dedicated student. We’re at the end of week one and already the study spaces are littered with exhausted students and distractions; it seems impossible to concentrate when all you can hear is rustling crisp packets and increasingly loud whispers.

As lovely as the library is, let’s face it, it can get a bit monotonous in there day in day out. Luckily the campus is full of other spots to get your work done, whether they’re tucked away from the busy spine or hidden in plain sight. So, if you’re feeling a little done with the library right now, take a look at your other options below.

The Learning Zone

A bit of an obvious one, but the learning zone can be a good alternative to (or even better than) the library. It’s still a relatively studious environment but a great choice if you want to work collaboratively on a project. Plus, you can take any food you like in there, so it’s a great destination following your midday trip to Sultans.

Your College JCR Space

Every college has its own dedicated junior common room to study or hang out in, and if you didn’t already know about it, then this is your reason to check it out. You can go to any college’s JCR, regardless of what college you actually belong to, so it’s a perfect choice if you have some time to kill with friends in between lectures.

The Bonington Step

This site may be better suited to a summer-time revision session, but you should enjoy the few sunny days Lancaster has left until it turns into rain and wind for the next few months. You could take a visit to change up your study environment, or get a bit of fresh air, but for both reasons, the Bonington Step is the place to go. And if you get bored, there’s always a guaranteed swarm of ducks around to observe.

The Management Building

The University didn’t build that massive extension for nothing! Inside the sparkling white walls of the Management School, an oasis awaits. You’re spoilt for choice for somewhere to sit and get on with uni work. There’s a cafe in the main area to fulfil all your food and drink needs, and you could explore the many floors for hours. If you dare venture up to the quieter higher floors, you can catch up on lectures whilst getting a glimpse of one of the best views on campus.

The LEC Atrium

Located in the heart of the LEC building, this study spot feels a world away from the chaos of campus. With the enchanting greenery and calming atmosphere, this is the best place if you want to feel a little removed from the serious study going on elsewhere. A personal favourite, the leafy plants are the perfect company for getting on with your studies in peace.

Fylde Bar

Of all the college bars, Fylde is probably the most accessible for an afternoon trip to try and bang out the rest of that coursework. They serve great food, have some bar sports facilities to blow off steam, and if all else fails, you can put away your laptop and start drinking instead. For this reason, you might want to stay away from Fylde bar if you’re prone to procrastination as we know that the even the best study sessions promptly finish here.

Cafe Republic

Some people just work a bit better with a heavily-caffeinated drink in their hand. If this is you, then you should definitely check out Cafe Republic on the South Spine. The background hubbub can be somewhat comforting, and help you push through that deadline with ease.

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