I’ve never been clubbing in Lancaster, and I probably never will

It’s just not my cup of tea x

Like most freshers at some point during those first weeks of their university career, starting at Lancaster last year was a scary experience for me. This was for all of the reasons that moving to university is, but also for an additional one: I had never been clubbing, and I knew even before I arrived that I probably never would.

I’ve never liked loud noise or loud music. Despite playing several instruments growing up, if I went to concerts or the occasional festival with friends, I couldn’t stand anywhere near the front, because the sheer volume and the bass meant that no matter how much I tried to ignore it, it just wasn’t an enjoyable experience for me. I also get migraines, which are sometimes set off by loud noises, so there became a medical reason for me to avoid these environments as well.

So, Freshers’ Week arrived, and so did I, armed with a pair of earplugs and a stone-cold medical reason for why I didn’t want to go to Sugar – because yes, I am fully aware that unfortunately “I don’t want to” isn’t always the best excuse in Freshers’, when your reps are trying to make you socialise as much as possible. I knew this was going to be hampered by the fact that I also don’t drink, a choice I made in my teens quite simply because I don’t like the taste of any of it.

You go to the club? I just head to bed

Whilst the first couple of terms of uni weren’t easy for many reasons, I consider myself extremely lucky because I found a group of mates who never questioned the fact that I don’t drink or go clubbing. In first year, we used to go to Grizedale for pres, and then when they got the bus into town, I used to load them on and then head home to bed, a much better option in my opinion, and one that led to much hilarity – if you’ve never tried to direct eight drunk 18-year-olds so they don’t miss the bus whilst you yourself are completely sober, please trust me when I say it involves a lot of shouting. Now that we’re in second year, we have pres at someone’s house, they head to Sugar and I just walk home.

The presumption that I’m boring irritates me

I know that I will probably never step foot in the Sugarhouse during my years at Lancaster. I have absolutely no idea what it looks like inside – I’ve actually only been in the alley once.  It doesn’t make me boring, or less fun, because I don’t go clubbing. I love a board games night (Cards Against Humanity is a particular favourite) or a picnic and a walk up to Williamson Park. I’m always one of the first to agree to go to pres, and when we’ve played drinking games, I’ve used pomegranate juice, because it tastes just vile enough that I can stomach it but don’t really want to. I just leave before everyone goes to the club because it’s something that I would genuinely hate doing.

I’m also very aware that I have never been pushed about why I don’t go to clubs or why I don’t drink. People have clarified that I don’t drink, and I am always very quick to volunteer a reason because I’d always rather people know exactly why. Other than that, I don’t particularly care what people think about me. I have no qualms whatsoever about wearing earplugs when we’re in Greens, nor about leaving before other people if I’m ready to head home for the night but others are heading elsewhere. I do have a tendency to be self-deprecating, and I do tend to take the mickey out of myself for not drinking when others are, which can be quite funny and lets others know it is alright to do so as well. Otherwise, it is my decision what I do, and I refuse to be influenced by other people.

I’m excited for second year, as there’s so much going on and about to happen. And if none of that ever happens on a club dance floor? Well, that’s my issue and not yours.

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