Lancs BNOC 2022: Second heat part one

This is your second round of heats to crown Lancs BNOC 2022!

The results are in from the first round of heats and we had thousands of you vote to tell us who you think deserves the crown of Lancs BNOC 2022.

There will now be a second round of heats – three heats with four contenders in each – with voting concluding on Wednesday before our final round to determine who is the biggest name on campus this year.

Make sure you get voting in the form at the end of the article to let us know who your winner is. Here are your first lot of contenders:

Poppy Gibbs, third year, Bowland, History and Politics

Poppy got the most votes out of every heat with a whopping 379 votes! It was a close call in the second heat with everyone getting a pretty high number of votes but Poppy took the lead.

As a reminder incase you don’t already know, her nominations said that she’s a smart cookie who strives to make this uni the best and provide for the students. She’s also known for being Vice President Democracy and Finance on Bowland JCR and is proactive in many campus campaigns.

If Poppy gets your vote, let us know in the form below!

Zia Shaheen, first year, Lonsdale, Business Management

Zia came pretty close behind Poppy with a huge 364 votes, taking the podium for second most voted in heat two. He is really living up to the fact that he is widely well known across campus.

As a refresh, Zia told us: “Being an international student, having no previous connections and making new friends at this university has been really fun”. He also looks forward to meeting new people in the future.

If you think Zia is the biggest name on campus, vote for him below!

Phil Ouko, fourth year, Furness, Chemical Engineering

Phil didn’t come too far behind the Poppy and Zia in heat two with a massive 341 votes, making him the third most voted for from heat two.

To remind you all, Phil’s nominations said that when he did a tour of sugar, he knew about two-thirds of the people in there, and a highlight was definitely his before-mentioned speech at the winter ball, which “made everyone shed a tear”.

Does Phil get your Lancs BNOC 2022 vote?

Ben Strawbridge, first year, Lonsdale, Physics

Ben took the first place award in heat one with a substantial 255 votes – it was pretty close in heat one as well but Ben took the lead from the first heat.

To remind you, apparently, he is just the coolest and has the most style on the Physics socials. Not only this, but he also has a stream account – he was described as the “classiest/snazziest streamer ever” and “proper funny” in his nominations.

Vote for Ben in the form below if you think he deserves the BNOC crown!

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