LUSU disaffiliate from GLOW nightclub

‘GLOW Nightclub have now demonstrated repeatedly that they do not align with our values.’

Following the altercation in GLOW nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning, Lancaster University Students’ Union has released a statement announcing that it “will no longer be affiliated with groups who have any relationship with GLOW night club.”

It has said that this includes any “sponsorships, and the hosting of socials or events.”

The altercation resulted in the death of a young man due to his injuries, as reported by Lancashire police.

For groups who are already in sponsorship agreements for the academic year 2021/22, the Students’ Union requested that they should “inform the SU of these agreements by contacting [email protected] so that we can provide support in terminating these agreements in a way that does not impact your group.” The SU has also said that students can email [email protected] for this.

The statement concludes by saying that societies who fail to cut ties with the nightclub will be disassociated from the SU.

LUSU states that “GLOW Nightclub have now demonstrated repeatedly that they do not align with our values.”

For any students who have bookings to use GLOW’s venue, the Students’ Union has said that it urges “our members to contact the [email protected] to see whether we can accommodate your event.”

The Student’s Union has said that in September 2021, it decided to boycott GLOW, preventing the nightclub from attending Freshers’ Fest.

It also has “not worked with the nightclub since the spiking epidemic at the start of the year and at that time did actively encourage our student groups to do the same.”

Colleges have now issued statements announcing they will not be collaborating with GLOW in Welcome Week 2022, and that they will not be promoting the venue for the “foreseeable future”.

In an SU statement, Amy Merchant, VP Welfare, says: “I believe the position that the SU has taken is in the best interests of the welfare of our members. The union has a duty to put student welfare first, and we must act responsibly. I am really pleased that many of our student clubs and groups are welcoming this decision.”

LUSU has said that its “confidential and non-judgemental SU Advice Team can help you if you require support by emailing: [email protected] “.

The statement also says that it wants “to raise awareness about the Street Safe Online Tool which can be used to anonymously report about public places where you have felt or feel unsafe.”

GLOW Nightclub has been approached for comment.

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