Lancaster BNOC 2022: Heat one

It’s getting serious now, time to vote for your BNOC 2022!

We had so many nominations for Lancs BNOC this year, but there can only be one winner who takes the crown. There will be four heats full of contenders for you to choose from so get voting in the form at the end of the article. It’s time for the first heat of this years BNOC competition. Voting closes on Friday 10th June!

Here are your first lot of BNOCS:

Ethan McMurray, second year, Pendle, Law

We can guarantee you’ll have seen Ethan on a night out at some point as he’s known for going to “sugar, glow and back to sugar THEN McDonald’s, four days a week”. His commitment to a night out in Lancs really shows, takes a trooper to be able to do that. How does he get his Law work done?

He was glad to see his commitment to Lancs nights out has been noticed and said he deserves the win as he believes that it takes a certain type of will power to queue for Sugar just to see people, and then end up going to Glow instead.

Think Ethan deserves the BNOC crown? Get voting below!

Heather Coles, third year, County, Mathematics and Statistics

Heather has been called a BNOC quite a lot by her friends because she can’t go anywhere without bumping into at least five people she knows and stopping to talk to them. Apparently, she knows every person ever mentioned so there’s a high chance you’ll know of her.

She said this is all true and can’t walk down the spine without stopping and talking to people. She loves making new friends on a night out and she says “it’s not a trip to sugar unless I have five new people’s snaps”.

Does Heather get your BNOC vote?

Helena Lee-Boaler, second year, Cartmel, Geography

Helena has some impressive reasons why everyone knows her – she is President of Cartmel, part of boat club and really well known on her course.

She was nominated as well for being impossible to talk to in Sugar as she has a “constant stream of people coming to speak to her and she always knows someone at the bar”.

If you think Helena is worthy of the BNOC title, vote below!

Jessica Todd, second year, County, English Literature and History

Jess was submitted as the “cow print queen” among many other things. She’s known for being County President, an explainer of the SU politics and she “slayed the Roses Netball commentary multiple days in a row”. She just happens to know everyone around and is always getting recognised in Sugar. Another nomination told us that she “does so much for the university and her college” which is pretty admirable if you ask me.

A humble contender who appreciated the nominations and isn’t sure if she would consider herself a BNOC, but says yes to every opportunity while neglecting her degree. Explaining the SU politics and the weekly pilgrimage to Sugar are her favourite pastimes and she said “if anyone sees me in Sugar, come become one of the people I bump into!”.

Does Jess deserve the BNOC crown?

Luke Wivell, second year, County, Physics

Have you hear Ketamine [The Remix] on Spotify written by our very own Luke Wivell? It was described as a banger in one of his nominations. He is well known across County for his infamous townhouse tours where he managed to visit all the townhouses in one night. If that’s not enough to convince you, he’s also captain of the County Double D’s football team.

“I am grateful to be nominated, I think it’s time home grown musical excellence from Lancaster finally got some recognition. I’m not sure I deserve to win, and I’m not overly fussed. All press is good press.”

Is Luke impressive enough to get your vote?

Ben Strawbridge, First Year, Lonsdale, Physics

When asked why he thought he was nominated for BNOC, he said “Can’t say I’m surprised I got nominated, I’m literally built different :)”. He’s known around for being the life of the part, nocturnal and impressively mentioned multiple times on Lancs Crush.

Apparently, he is just the coolest and has the most style on the Physics socials. Not only this, but he also has a stream account – he was described as the “classiest/snazziest streamer ever” and “proper funny” in his nominations.

Is Ben funny enough to secure your vote? Let us know by voting below!

Joe Simpkins, first year, Bowland, Creative Writing and Film Studies

Open photo

You’ll probably have seen Joe around somewhere as he’s known for getting involved in so many different things. He’s also been described as someone who has interesting and peculiar actions so everyone seems to know him.

He said he doesn’t believe he’s a BNOC and he “doesn’t want to win” because he doesn’t want people to think he has a massive uncontrollable ego. He was happy to take part nonetheless and he ended off with “Long live cheap wine. Long live Peeny Greeny :)”.

Does Joe get your vote?

Malaaika, third year, County, Medicine

Malaaika was described as not only the biggest name on campus, but also the biggest flirt – the person nominating her is convinced everyone has a crush on her. She is known to have committed Medcest by infiltrating many friend ships and multiple friend groups.

When asked if she thinks she is a BNOC, she said she didn’t think she was but “clearly the public think otherwise” and she believes the claims about her may be slightly exaggerated. She did also say “either way it’s a laugh so vote for me :)”.

Is Malaaika a BNOC in your eyes?

Sun Pizza

There is no explanation needed for this one. If you’re a Lancs student and haven’t heard of Sun Pizza, then there is something wrong here. They were nominated simply for owning Sun Pizza and I think that says it all.

They were extremely surprised and humbled knowing they had been nominated and told us about how hard they have worked to get where they are. They described it as a nice feeling knowing people are aware of them and think they could be in for a shot as they’ve hired a full student team and catered for multiple uni events.

Do Sun Pizza get your vote? Let us know down below!