Quiz: Tell us your Lancs study habits to find out which John Lewis advert you are

Monty the Penguin or we riot

Christmas is a special time of year with many traditions, but anyone from the UK could argue that the John Lewis Christmas advert is a tradition that’ll stick around forever.

Over the years we’ve seen bears, hares, spacemen, foxes, monsters, and aliens grace our screens at Christmas. And whether you’re a fan of the classic snowman’s journey or prefer this year’s cross-planetary best friends, you’ve got to admit that every year the John Lewis ad is a force to be reckoned with.

In typical festive fashion, it’s time to find out which one you relate to the most based on how much you study, where you study, and if you actually enjoy it…

From those who study with all their might, putting hours and hours of extra effort in, to those who are just hoping the years end can come faster spoiler; it doesn’t, this quiz should equate you with a John Lewis ad for you to watch (and cry over) during a well-deserved break.


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