Quiz: Which Advent calendar you are based on how well you fit into Lancs stereotypes

I’m judging you if you’re a Dairy Milk

One of the best parts about the lead-up to Christmas is the joys of a good Advent calendar. No matter how miserable the weather is, how empty your bank account is, or how far behind on work you are, at least you’ll be greeted with a lovely treat behind a numbered door every morning in December.

Whether you wait each day to pop open that door, or you ate every single one of your chocolates on December 2nd, everyone has an Advent calendar to suit their personality. And what better way to figure out which one you most embody than telling us about the Lancs stereotypes you fall into?

Take this quiz and let us know which of these stereotypes are a little bit of you and we’ll give you the definitive Advent calendar that represents you to a T.

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