Library, Greggs and Grizedale bar: Here’s what Lancs students miss most about campus

Lockdown three got us reminiscing, missing you campus x

No one needs to be reminded that we have spent most of this year at home, zooming our mates, binge-watching Bridgerton and procrastinating doing uni work. We hoped that we would have at least some on-campus sessions this term, but we were wrong, again. We miss many things about rolling out of bed and making it in time for your 11 am (nine am??? Never heard of her).

The only times we go to campus nowadays are to go to the library and to get our daily dose of Greggs while all of the memories of pre-corona “normal times” flood back. We are hopeful that it won’t be long until we can experience proper uni life again; seeing the spine packed at lunch hour, people sitting on the stairs of Alex square enjoying life and singing college chants on the way Sugar.

“The sunsets”- Rachel, first-year, Grizedale

Rachel said, “we don’t get anything like them at home.” It’s undeniable. The sunsets on campus hit different.

“The library”- Radu, third-year, Bowland

“I really miss the environment and my favourite spot in the library (on the second floor). It was quiet, and the lamps were stylish.” Mood lighting definitely helps when you’re trying to cram. Look how pretty this tree is.

“Walking around campus at night”- Cassandra, second-year, Lonsdale

“I’d usually go on the path next to the football pitches.” What a sight, walking past and watching the fit sports lads play football.

“Queuing six hours to get a Greggs sausage roll”- Meg, second-year, Grizedale

The things we do for a sausage roll. Not surprised.

“Going on late night walks and going to Central”- Helena, first-year, Cartmel

“Going on a walk is such a good way to destress, we usually pop into central to grab a bite to eat too.” We completely agree. A nice bit of fresh air works wonders.

“Grizedale Bar”- Lola, second-year, Lonsdale

“I miss being on a table with your friends or people you have just met, and I miss begging people to have just one more drink, I miss playing pool when I don’t know how to.” Wow, just wow.

“The markets on Alex square”- Tan Yin Qi, second-year, County

“It used to bring so much life to Alex square, and I miss just getting a bite to eat after my lectures.” We miss people coming up to us, trying to sell us all kinds of things.

“I miss how busy and alive it felt”- James, first-year, Fylde

“The atmosphere isn’t at all like it should be.” Absolutely, seeing Alex square with nobody in it makes the campus look like a ghost town.

“Lectures on campus”- Simmy, second-year Grizedale

“I miss the physical lecture theatres instead of these recorded lectures and teams meetings.” We love it when we’re in the middle of a conversation, and Teams crashes. Thanks, Teams, thanks a lot.

“Spar” – Ellen, first-year, County

“It’s really posh compared to the ones back home like we don’t have a deli in the back, a self-service checkout or even milkshake and slush machines.” Spar is our new favourite go-to place.

“Woodland Trail” – Alice, first-year, Bowland

“I really enjoyed walking last term; I went out almost every day as a study break, so I miss the convenience of being able to do that.” The Woodland Trail is such a great place to relax as you do a full lap of campus, and the views are amazing.

It’s safe to say that everyone misses many things about campus, we hope that we’ll experience campus life soon.

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