These are the best autumnal pics of Lancs 2020 and honestly, I’m in love

Lancs, I swear you get prettier everyday x


It’s that time of year again when the leaves change colour and Williamson park is bathed in a golden glow. Autumn is the best season in Lancaster as the streets are filled with fallen leaves and everyone bundles up in coats and scarves clutching pumpkin spiced lattes to warm up their hands.

In celebration of Lancaster’s beauty this October, here is a definitive list of Lancs students’ favourite pics of our beloved city this autumn. Lancaster truly is a stunning place to study – I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Roxana, first year, Cartmel

Love the sun shining through the trees, Lancaster on a sunny day is a rare sight. The cobblestoned ground in the last one reminds me of a scene depicted in a Taylor Swift song, suddenly I feel like romanticizing my walk past Lancaster castle on the way to waste my student loan in Sainsbury’s.

Charlie, third year, County

The campus ducks deserve all the credit in the second photo. If they pose as beautifully as that before stealing my Greggs crumbs, I’d have no reason to complain. It’s hard to tell if the colour scheme is intentional or accidental but it’s safe to say that campus in October is such a vibe!

Amy, first year, Pendle

Wow! Have you ever seen more beautiful colours? That red is popping off, I’m in love. Personally, I rarely travel all the way out to Grad College, but I’d have known it looked like this I would’ve been down there all the time.

Paweł, first year, Furness

Lancaster town hall has never looked so stunning. Nothing screams autumn more than crisp orange leaves on the ground. These shots are quite cinematic and would not be out of place in the opening shots of a historical drama. Somebody call the BBC!

Amaia, third year, Grizedale

These shots put Lancaster in close competition with the Lake District for the most picturesque bodies of water award 2020.

Anna, first year, Lonsdale

The uniformity of these trees is both startling and glamorous. There’s something quite European about this picture and it would make the perfect backdrop for an impromptu photo shoot.

Lois, first year, Grizedale

The angle of the second photo is impressive. Very artistic. It’s hard to tell whether you took you new expensive camera out for a spin or just went for a good old-fashioned iPhone pic, but either way, I love it!

Nadia, first year, Pendle

If you squint at this picture and cover one eye, it could almost be a painting by Claude Monet. Although he was obviously French, I’m sure that if he was brought up in England, Lancaster would’ve been his biggest inspiration.

Ju, second year, Fylde

Those swans are cute but they are also borderline offensive considering how lonely I’ve been throughout Lockdown. As for the second one, the reflections in the water make my heart sing and the colour palette *chef’s kiss*.

Yuchieh, second year, County

The lighting makes me feel like I’m about to enter heaven for the first time. If I could imagine myself in this picture, it would be having a picnic with a few tinnies – anyone else?

Bethany, first year, Furness

The canal in autumn is just on another level. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture quite so filled with nature, the only downside is that somehow I feel freezing just looking at it.

Eliza, second year, Fylde

The colours in this tree are incredible. If campus looked like this all the time maybe I would start getting up in time to go to my nine am’s – then again, maybe not.

Nayyab, third year, Furness

I don’t think Alex Square has ever looked so beautiful, once you move the Greggs queue out of the way it actually looks quite gorgeous.

Lucy, first year, Pendle

Does anyone want to come with me to the woodland walk?

Ferdous, fourth year, Pendle

That sun is blinding. I think if I was there I’d be worried that it was about to rain, but when I look at this picture all those feelings of anxiety about getting drenched from head-to-toe seem to vanish into thin air.

Mayur, post-grad

Williamson Park is glowing! She has never looked so stunning. Did she do something new with her hair?

Molly, second year, Cartmel

Is that… A FOUNTAIN???? *drools* These pictures are so spell-binding they look like they came straight from a wedding catalogue.

Lisanne, study abroad student, Grizedale

The way the sun bounces off of the grass is bringing a tear to my eye. If I could look at this picture every day for the rest of my life I’d be one happy girl.

Rachel, third year, Furness

Campus is the most beautiful place to be in Lancaster, I said what I said.

Lukas, first year, Fylde

The colours in these photos are what autumn is all about.

These photographs make me fall in love with Lancaster all over again. Who doesn’t love autumn? It truly is the best season.

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