Love Island’s Tommy Fury was in Sultans tonight

Sultans gave Tommy a whole tub of mayo

Tommy Fury was on Lancaster campus tonight, he was featured on Sultans’ Snapchat story having dinner with his family.

The Fury family included sons Tyson, Tommy, Roman, and father John. Family friends even joined them including Tyson’s massage therapist Matt Towey and Barber Kywan for the meal. The group decided to eat in at the location, sitting in one of the booths and being quoted as “Family” on Sultans’ Snapchat story for their evening meal.

Tyson also dined at the venue earlier this year, and clearly enjoyed his meal so much that he brought the rest of the gang back to enjoy, who knows, maybe Molly-Mae will come to visit with Tommy sometime in the future!

Tommy was witnessed referring to Sultan’s staff as “Indian brothers.”  Students were left wondering what Tommy’s go-to Sultan’s order is. Do they have a loyalty card? Do they get a family discount? Did Sultans vote for Tommy and Molly Mae to win Love Island?

The Lancaster Tab asked Sultans for a statement: “Been friends with Tyson fury for a good number of years now, so he decided to bring the whole team to sultans.” Tommy through that “the court outside sultans looks amazing.”

Sultan’s staff suggested that they take him on “a tour around campus” they were “shocked at how big and amazing it was!” Tommy said that he “definitely needed to check out the gym once it’s open.” They were made signature Sulatans dishes – Lamb chops and mixed sizzler and both Tommy and Tyson loved it.

Tommy is on a first name basis with Sal claiming that he has a “beautiful place” and Tyson was amazed by “how clean the place was and how [they] had hand sanitiser.”

The Fury family were very friendly and took pictures with customers who were outside as well as some second-year students. Sultans’ staff described the interaction as “overall an amazing experience” and made sure to point out that they gave the “whole tub of mayo to Tommy.”

A second year student said: “I’m really annoyed I didn’t see him. I go to Sultans all the time and the one time I don’t go and he’s there, just my luck.” Also, third year English student said: “I actually can’t believe Tommy Fury was in Sultans! I instantly wished I was back in Lancs.”

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