Plan a socially distanced picnic and we’ll tell you which Lancs college you really belong in

A ham sandwich screams Fylde

As we ease slowly out of lockdown plans to reunite with your Lancaster pals are in the ropes. You’re all trying to find dates in July where you can get back to Lancaster, and a picnic is definitely on the cards.

The thing is, what you put into your picnic basket says a lot about you. But it says even more about which college you really belong to. If you’re bringing champagne do you really belong in Bowland? Did your mum make those sandwiches, and if she did, you know you belong in Fylde right? Are you using the picnic to drink as much as your physically can? If you are, Grizedale is definitely the college for you. Can’t stop talking about your end of year results? Oh sweet Pendle child.

Take this quiz and plan your socially distanced picnic accordingly, your plans will only reveal which college you really belong in.