The votes are in: This is Lancaster’s biggest BNOC of 2020

One of Lancs big BNOC’s has taken the crown

The road to BNOC stardom has been a long and tantalising journey, but now we are at the golden finish line, where only one can claim the prize of Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC. We started with an abundance of eager Lancaster uni stars who have spent the past few months dreaming of winning this prestigious title. But low and behold, we finally have a winner, one who is worthy to take the crown and reign Lancaster Uni as the esteemed Biggest Name On Campus.

Scooping a huge 72 per cent of total votes, it seems pretty obvious Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC is fit for the job.

And that BNOC is none other than final year county college student, Amy Merchant.

Being crowned Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC is a feeling only the elite will experience. You might assume it is a feeling of overwhelming glory and ego-boosting validation.

Amy said: “I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who voted. It’s a tongue and cheek competition but I can tell you all that the taste of victory is very very sweet. This is most definitely the pinnacle of my time at Lancaster and the moment that I have been waiting for all this time.

“Like I said, it’s the title I am most chuffed about. On a serious note, I am really glad that I have won as it means that some of the amazing execs and events that I have lead/been involved with haven’t gone unnoticed, which makes me really proud. I hope all of this work will continue next year in my new role in the SU.

“Thanks to everyone for competing and thanks to the tab for the lockdown entertainment xxx”

“My favourite Lancs memory is Pendle Extrav 2019”

Being away from the ground Amy is most recognisable upon, becoming Lancs biggest BNOC in lockdown meant that we wanted the nostalgia Amy was most certainly feeling too.

“My favourite Lancs memory is Pendle Extrav 2019 (sorry County). The best feeling ever is sitting in the sun on the steps with your mates having a few drinks, celebrating the end of exams”

“I had the greatest year as County President”

It would be difficult and slightly impressive if Lancaster’s Biggest BNOC did not have a burning love for the Uni that made them. Surely, the biggest BNOC would have Lancaster tattooed somewhere on their body and has looked into any option available to them to stay there forever.

“The thing I love most about Lancs is obviously County College. I had the greatest year as President and I got to work with the most amazing people, and pull of the best events. I think I just love the campus community at Lancaster really, it’s completely different to other universities.”

“I just can’t keep away from Lancaster”

We know that a BNOC is the Biggest Name On Campus, we’ve seen them on the Spine stopping to greet everyone they have come across during their undergrad course. Amy was more humble about her BNOC behaviour.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve ever done something considered ‘BNOC’, but I’m very much involved in the student politics at Lancaster, which is probably why I was nominated for this competition. I just can’t keep away from Lancaster.”

So there we have it. The new most notorious BNOC has been crowned. After months of Lancaster’s biggest names competing to take the title, we now have a winner. It has all come to an end.

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