17 moments from Mean Girls that you can relate to as a Lancaster student

‘Get in loser, we’re going Sugar’

The 30th of April marked 16 years since Mean Girls was released to the consumption of the general public. A cultural reset, if you’d like, Regina George and Cady Heron have shaped our generation into sassy, know-your-worth individuals. Whilst many of us aren’t quite at the level of recreation as Ariana in ‘Thank U, Next’, after 75 rewatches of the truly iconic comedy it became apparent. Lancaster University isn’t really that different to the High School attended by the masterful mean girls.

Upon this discovery, and in celebration of 16 years of Mean Girls, The Lancs Tab have compiled a list of all the times you will have related to the film as a Lancaster Student. While there are no ‘Plastics’ at Lancaster (as far as we know), there certainly are different cliques. After all, Lancaster is a collegiate university and those colleges are our identity, they are a symbol of how to approach one another, how to find out who to trust, who your real friends are. Has your library crush asked you what day it was on October third? Have you ever seen someone at uni who doesn’t even go here? Chances are, you have, because there may not be a Regina George at Lancaster, but here are the 17 moments from Mean Girls which you will definitely be able to relate to as a Lancaster student.

1. Your first day

The first iconic cross over from Mean girls and going to Lancs uni is the first day of school, or in our case university. In the first scene of the film, Kady is getting ready for her first ever day of high school after being homeschooled all her life. Her parents are taking pictures and checking that she will be okay, talking to her as if she is five years old. Now if this isn’t every Lancs student’s first day, then I don’t know what is. Your parents become crazy overprotected and don’t want to leave. Sounds like my first day to me.

2. Making friends

In the scene where Kady meets Damien and Janice, this is exactly how you meet all your mates on your course. You take a random seat on the first day, talk to whoever’s closest and BAM, you instantly become best friends. Because on your first day you will literally talk to anyone in hopes of making at least one friend and not being alone for the whole year.

3. Safe sex

Everyone knows that scene in Mean Girls where the coach gives the health class Kady skips and basically tells everyone “Don’t have sex because you’ll get pregnant and die”. This isn’t much different from the talks you recieve on Welcome Week in First Year. Awkward whole year talks about fire safety, consent, safe sex – necessary, but not far off identical from this scene in Mean Girls.

4. Rugby socials

To be honest, we don’t know why this hasn’t been pointed out sooner. The scene where Regina George is being carried out onto the field by a group of boys as everyone stares in awe at her… you know that scene? This is pretty much how it feels to be in the centre of a Rugby Social in Sugar. Eyes on the prize, boys.

5. The social hierarchy

When Janice maps out the social cliques of the cafeteria, this relates to the colleges at Lancaster. You have the Bowland nerds, the Grizedale party boys and the Cartmel athletes. While there is no social hierarchy at Lancs, there sure are different cliques. Every Lancs student will be able to relate to this scene, remembering your first day as your freshers rep gave you the tea on all the colleges.

6. “So you agree… You think you’re really pretty”

Every girl will be able to relate to the scene in Mean Girls when Regina compliments Kady, “You’re like really pretty,” for Kady to then thank her and Regina replies “So you agree, you think you’re really pretty?” This is the epitome of every time you get complimented in the toilets at Sugar. You start talking to a random girl in the queue, waiting for the toilet, then you start getting loads of compliments on your outfit, your hair, your makeup and it pretty much plays out like this scene.

7. The library crush

If you have ever sat directly behind your Library Crush, whether it be the A, B or C floor, you will be able to relate to the scene where Kady meets Aaron Samuels (Regina’s ex boyfriend, who is totally off limits and going out with a mate’s ex is against the rules of feminism).  Kady literally does anything for his attention, the classic giving him a pencil and pretending you don’t know the answer to ask him. If you have ever done anything crazy or stupid to get the attention of your Library Crush, this one’s for you.

8. Football practice

Anyone who has gone to watch your crush’s football/ rugby practice will relate to the scene where Kady goes to watch Aaron on the sidelines. She is soon interrupted by Regina honking her horn, with the iconic phrase “Get in loser we’re going shopping”. Not that any Lancs student can relate to that. On a student budget we can hardly afford Sainsbury’s. 

9. “Social suicide”

When Kady tells the Plastics she wants to join the “matheletes” she is immediately cut off as Regina says that is “social suicide”. We all know that at Lancs, joining the mathletes is the equivalent of joining Conservative soc.

10. Regina’s house

Ever gone to pres at a county townhouse? I can only image that’s what it’s like to go to Regina George’s house.

11. Halloween

One of the most iconic scenes in Mean Girls is the Halloween house party where Kady rocks up in a full on zombie bride costume and everyone looks at her as if she is crazy. Halloween socials in Sugar are just that. You never know how dressed up you should go, so you have a mix of those who just wear black and animal ears, “I’m a mouse, duh”, and those who go to the next level, fake blood and everything.

12. That Santa scene

Probably the most iconic scene in the film is the Plastic’s Jingle Bell Rock performance for the Christmas talent show that they do every year. With the girls dressed up in Santa outfits, this sums up Christmas socials at Sugar.

13. That awkward moment when…

If you have ever had a flatmate walk in on you when you have brought someone back from Sugar and didn’t lock your door, then you can relate to the scene in Mean Girls when Regina’s mum walks in on Regina and Shane. Awkward.

14. Too many people at pres

When Kady invites a small gathering of people over when her parents are away, the word gets out and soon a hundred people are in her house. Anyone who has offered to host pres can relate to this when people bring people then suddenly the kitchen is full of strangers and no one can move.

15. Posting a Lancfession

You know that moment in Mean Girls where Regina George releases copies from the Burn Book and watches as everyone starts fighting each other and everything gets out of hand? Well, that is like posting a controversial Lancfession and watching everyone argue in the comments section. Lancfessions is Lancaster uni’s equivalent of the Burn Book.

16. “She doesn’t even go here!”

At some point, you’ve been in the smoking area of Sugar bonding with strangers over your love for the club. And suddenly, they reveal they’re from UCUM. You ask, “But, how did you even get in?” and they suddenly fade into the depths of Sugar’s big room whilst you exclaim to your new smoking area pals; “She doesn’t even go here!”

17. The 100 bus

You know when Regina George gets hit by the bus and ends up fracturing her spine? Well that’s what it feels like when you miss the 1A and are forced to get the 100.

How many of these Mean Girl moments were you able to relate to as a Lancs student? Let us know on Insta!

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