Lancaster professor’s vaccine listed by the WHO

The vaccine is on the WHO landscape

A virologist and Professor of Biomedicine at Lancaster University, Dr Muhammad Munir, has announced on social media that his Lancaster University vaccine is now listed by the World Health Organisation. This comes as the latest of Lancaster University’s efforts to fight the pandemic.

Dr Muhammad Munir has been leading the team at Lancaster University that is dedicated to developing a COVID-19 vaccine. He is a specialist in virus pathobiology and has previously used coronaviruses to explore host and viral RNA biology and the transmission of viruses between animals and humans.

Many might recognise Dr Muhammad Munir as he has had a large media presence throughout the pandemic, advising and guiding the nation on platforms including the BBC on what preventative steps should be taken against COVID-19.

On the 15th May, Dr Muhammad Munir announced on Facebook that the Lancaster University vaccine is now on the World Health Organisation landscape. This means it is amongst around 100 vaccines globally waiting to enter clinical trials. Despite the positive progress, Munir believes that it could take until 2021 for a potential vaccine to reach the public.

Both Lancaster University and Dr Munir have been contacted for comment.