Lancaster Uni scientists working on an app that can test for coronavirus

Device detects COVID-19 in 30 minutes

Scientists at Lancaster University are becoming an important part of the team that developing a new method of testing for coronavirus (COVID-19).

By using different techniques, from molecular virology to artificial intelligence in order to develop a new device that will be able to detect COVID-19 in around 30 minutes, by using a smartphone app.

The developments have been a result of the work between Brunel University, the University of Surrey and Lancaster University.

The theory behind the developments has already been tested to check animals in the Philippines for viral infections, and it’s been adapted to detect CoVID-19 in humans; the team behind the technology is talking to get it urgently mass-produced.

Ideally, the new device would be able to be used by those self-isolating in order to test themselves for the virus – many of whom would be students. In a statement, Dr Muhammad Munir (Virologist at Lancaster Uni) said: “The team strongly believes that with our combined expertise, we will be able to make this device and its associated system available for adoption within a few weeks and take a step closer to beating CoVID-19.”