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Two of LUSU’s PTOs have RESIGNED

More resignations from the Students’ Union

Following the shock announcement that George Nuttall has been dismissed from his position as President of Lancaster University Students’ Union, two of LUSU’s Part-Time Officers have tendered their resignations.

The PTOs in question are Lydia Moodycliffe (Women +) and Mitch Boocock (LGBTQ+).

Releasing statements on Facebook within an hour of each other, both Boocock and Moodycliffe have cited their reasons for resignation being a lack of support from the Union, and that the institution itself is “corrupt.”

Both ex-PTOs have also claimed that the reasons behind dismissing Nuttall as LUSU President were “undemocratic,” with Boocock adding that the Union was acting “Without consideration for the student voice.”

Lydia Moodycliffe’s statement can be found below:

Mitch Boocock’s statement reads: “It is with a heavy heart that I must announce my resignation as LGBTQ+ Part-Time Officer of the Lancaster University Students’ Union Executive. This is not something I ever anticipated or intended on having to write, and am emotional that I have to do so, however I cannot sit idly by while the Students’ Union continues to operate in the same manner which has shown me little to no support during my time in office.”

“In the past eight months in my time as an officer, I have seen firsthand the environment in the Students’ Union, and I can wholeheartedly state that the toxic environment which people talk about is, in my opinion, true. I feel this is down to the trustee board, and not due to the President or the other FTOs.”