Lancaster University exchange student charged with child sex abuse image offences

The student was charged with multiple cases

A Lancaster Student currently on an exchange programme in the Richmond, Virginia was arrested on February 20th, after he was discovered with child pornography in his possession.

First reported by the University of Richmond’s student newspaper, The Collegian, Lancaster student Naran Francis Darjaa was charged with one count of reproduction of child pornography, a class five felony under US law, and three counts of possession of child pornography, a class six felony.

Police records state that Darjaa’s supposed distribution offences date back to December of last year, whilst his possession offences took place during February of this year. In reference to the Virginia code of law, anyone who actively “reproduces by any means, including by computer, sells, gives away, distributes, electronically transmits, displays, purchases, or possesses with intent to sell, give away, distribute, transmit, or display child pornography” are in with facing “not less than five years and nor more than 20 years in a state correctional facility.”

As reported by the Collegian, Darjaa is “still in police custody” following his arrest last week and has been charged. His next court date is set for the end of March at Richmond-John Marshall Criminal-Traffic General District Court. Richmond Police Detective Mary Gary-Ford will act plaintiff on Darjaa’s case.

A comment by Lancaster University’s Head of Communications states that the university is aware of the events, but will not issue further comment at this time.