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‘Current second years were the maddest’: DJ Wes on what it’s like living as a Lancs Legend

I heart DJ Wes

Whether it’s from sweating in County Bar with your mates in Freshers’ Week or from having a boogie in Craftys, every Lancaster student is familiar with the Lancaster Legend DJ Wes who has been providing the tunes for over twenty years.

The Tab sat down for coffee with the man himself to find out a bit more about him, including obviously finding out what his Greggs order would be (some questions are too important not to ask).

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When did you get your first gig?

Basically, I started being a DJ because I was supposed to be going on a lad’s holiday, but I was let down at last minute, so ended up going to Tenerife on my own. My dad told me to take all my records with me, so I did and I ended up with a job there for 4 years. There was a strip full of nightclubs, around 60. I interviewed for every one but the biggest one, the last one on the strip was the one that I got a job with.

Do you ever miss it?

Yes because of the sunshine, I had some great friends out there but I love where I am now. The students are really good to me and support me. We all have a good time together.

So, how did you become ‘the Lancaster legend’?

Well, basically, one of my friends called me the Lancaster legend so I just kept calling myself the Lancaster legend and everyone just called me the Lancaster legend.

Would you recommend Popworld to the students of Lancaster Uni?

I would recommend it, it’s just cheesy pop fun for everybody. It’s my guilty pleasure, playing a bit of cheese. Give it a go. I’ve said they should put on a party bus. Maybe there’ll be a popworld in Lancaster who knows.

Obviously, Hustle closed down, what did this mean for you?

It was upsetting, I only found out a couple of days before it actually closed. Hustle is where everyone knows me from, but now we are at generation. We had some amazing times, party games, sticky floor, people being sick, but it’s gone now.

Is Hustle where it all began?

I had to go for a DJ competition and it was the owner of hustle judging it. I came runner up and they offered me a job and I worked at The Lounge and Hustle to begin with.

When did you start getting involved with the university?

Pretty much these last few years. I’ve worked with County college a lot, I’ve got friends in all the colleges and these past few years it’s really taken off and people want me to get involved. In all honesty, it probably started with the student nights in hustle. Maybe it started from there.

Now, this might be controversial, but which college is your favourite?

I can’t pick a college it’s not fair. I work with County college a lot and I’m going to be working with Grizedale and some other colleges. I hope to work for some extravs in the summer. I want to do as many extravs as possible.

What’s your favourite venue to DJ at?

The Crafty Scholar because I work there 3 times a week.

Did you grow up here in Lancaster?

I am originally from Manchester but I went to Lancaster as a young boy and I grew up in Bowerham. That’s probably why they call me the Lancaster legend.

Would you ever move anywhere else?

I am really happy here and everything is going really well, I love working with the students. I have been asked by people to work in Thailand, London, and other places. Eventually I will be living in California but it’s not for a while.

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Do you ever get tired?

Because I’m doing something I have always enjoyed it never gets tiring and it never gets boring, I’m fortunate enough to do what I love to do. If you work hard, push forward and be positive you can do anything you want to do. I’m never tired or negative. If you want to be something do it.

If you weren’t a DJ what would you be?

My mum and dad would say I’d be a car salesman, but I would say I’d probably sell houses and property because I like helping people find things that they really want in life, like getting the house they want.

What’s your Greggs order?

Probably the steak bake.

What’s your favourite song?

Fat Joe ft Ja-Rule & Ashani, ‘What’s Luv’

What’s the weirdest song request you’ve had?

Something controversial like Rolf Harris, just stuff you couldn’t do.

Out of the students here at the moment, which year group were the maddest freshers?

I would say the current second years were the maddest, then third then first.

What’s your favourite song to sing on Karaoke?

Queen ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

I think this is something a lot of us have been wondering. What does ‘shabba’ mean?

Basically that’s another one I created and took on board. I heard it from Peter Kay and it was something that cheered me up and made me smile and now it makes everyone smile. All I can say is look it up on google and decide what you want it to mean.

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Have you got anything you want to say to the students of Lancaster?

Keep coming out as much as you can and enjoy yourself, obviously there’s times you need to study, but come out and say hi to the Lancaster legend. Thanks for the support, keep saying shabba. Add me on snapchat: ‘djwes’ to keep up to date with stuff!