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I did romantic gestures to strangers on campus on V day to try and cheer them up

I’m tired now

This year, I decided the best way to celebrate Valentine's day was by spreading the love around campus to people I didn't know. Because who doesn't want a grand romantic gesture on the Spine when you are lonely on the most romantic day of the year? So on the 14th Feb, I went around performing romantic gestures to strangers to inject some love into student life.

Surprisingly, a lot of people were not as much into the romantic vibes as I was, so my day consisted of a lot of awkward rejection. Apparently, love wasn't in the air.

Roses are red

I was most nervous about this one, but I rose to the occasion. I went to Sainsbury's and stood in the heavily commercialised valentines day section for a minute or two, trying not to cringe, gaining a naive belief in love. I eventually picked up a load of over-priced roses and left, ready to start my new life as a Casanova. Valentine's day is expensive!

But on campus, this feeling dwindled a bit, as people didn't seem so into the V-day spirit as me. I did give all of the roses out to passing students, so hopefully I made someone's day a bit better. Who wouldn't want a rose on the most romantic day of the year? I know I would.

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A sweet surprise

So as to not be disheartened by the lack of romance evoked by the roses, I decided chocolate was the next step. I grabbed a few boxes of Lindt Lindors and wrote some romantic messages on them, before going to the the learning zone and leaving them on unsupervised tables where people had left for a few minutes. I didn't stay around to see if they came back, but I like to imagine they were flattered. Hopefully this brightened someone's day. Will you be my Valentine?

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Check it out

The library was definitely my next choice. I've heard that studying students are the demographic most in need of some love, so it made sense. I hoped I could make a lonely revising student smile by playing cupid one more time.

I decided to make this one a bit more ambiguous, so I left chocolates and notes dotted around the shelves. I am still under the impression that the majority of books in the library have been untouched for years, just like all the singles on campus. I am not sure if anyone will find these, but on the off chance they do, I hope they enjoyed. Let's hope all the chocolates are found before they melt, because that might be a problem if they do.

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The whole day was one quite devoid of love to be honest. It seems like if you try and give it out, most of the time you won't get it back. Despite my rate of failure, I still hope that everyone's day were made a little more romantic.

Did you get a rose or find any of the chocolates? Let us know. Hope this made you feel loved.