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93 per cent of students voted to stop the sale of Sugar

Save Our Sugarhouse pulls through

Last week, the Students' Union held a referendum on whether or not the SU should continue negotiations to sell the Sugarhouse.

The question put to the student population was "Should the Students' Union continue negotiations to sell the Sugarhouse?"

There was a whopping 93.7 per cent victory for saving Sugar. 4,095 votes were cast, of which 3,844 students voted "No".

26 per cent of students turned out to vote, surpassing the threshold of 10 per cent which is required in order for referendum decisions to be considered valid.

In addition to this, there was another referendum on the Trustee Board, on the question “Should the Trustee Board have a majority of student-elected trustees?”. 2,341 students voted in favour of having a majority of student-elected Trustee Board, and this referendum also passed the 10 per cent threshold, rendering it valid.

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Credit: Lancaster SU

In a statement, the Full-Time Officer Team said: "We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to vote in these important referendums and elections. We’ve received an astonishing number of votes and it’s been amazing to see so many of you taking the time to have your say.

"Using your vote is so important because your feedback gives us the best chance of being the students’ union you want and being your authentic voice as we work to ensure your university experience is everything you expect it to be.

"We’ve seen two decisive results in our referendums on the future of the Sugarhouse and membership of the union Trustee Board – your answers will now be passed on to the Trustee Board, and your views will be taken into account when final decisions on these issues are made."

A meeting of the Trustee Board is due to take place in December.