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The SU have been set to sell the Sugarhouse since January

Freedom of Information Act requests reveal all

Through the Freedom of Information Request 2000, SCAN has uncovered that SU officials have been considering selling The Sugarhouse since January, not August, when it was announced.

There has been a number of high-profile figures in both the SU and the University who have had the knowledge that the potential sale Sugar hasn't been on the cards since August, but since January of this year, seven months before students were made aware.

In the Students’ Union Block Grant and Designate Funding Proposal 2019, it is stated: “A decision to exit the business [of the Sugarhouse] was made in January based on additional accommodation plans, future capital requirements and the future student need.”

SCAN reports: "an offer was received in April and in October “the recent interest in the property” indicated a market value of “marginally under” £1 million. The SU has been engaging various commercial property agents to find buildings in Lancaster city centre that are suitable for “mixed leisure use” over the course of the last four years.

In January this year, “a decision to exit the business [of the Sugarhouse] was made.” It was noted in the SU’s Block Grant and Designate Funding Proposal that the decision was made “due to changes in its operating circumstances, risks of noise complaints and the inflexibility of the venue to serve wider students’ needs.” As a result, informal negotiations began with developers.

You can read the full report by SCAN, here.