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Ludans posted a ‘day in the life’ Insta story so iconic you have to stan

SO extra

'Day in the life' Insta stories are a way for execs to show society members exactly what it's like to be on exec. They can be mundane: boomerangs of coffee cups at meetings, pictures of their work to show that they can fit studying into their busy timetables, etc.

Ludans shook up this tiring norm, with third year History with Creative Writing student Lucy Smith taking the reign for 24 hours, and suddenly, we all want to be secretary on the dance society. It's SO extra you have no choice but to stan.

The Lancaster Tab spoke to Lucy Smith about her Sharpay Evans inspired day in the life.

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In the first video, Lucy strides out of her accommodation with a high-five on exit – exactly as we should all be starting our mornings before any day at uni.

"Basically, I wake up everyday see my lovely flat mates who are always very supportive of my endeavours", Lucy said.

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We all feel this. The library pods are perfect spots for a post-seminar nap, or if you're on the dance exec – a window ledge will do. Why not?

"I get myself to history and then I do lots and lots of dance related activities."

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"I eat lunch like this"

We would be lying if we said we are not totally envious of how effortlessly Lucy is holding her leg here. Very Victoria Beckham.

The most iconic part of the Insta story, was undoubtedly the dance routine that took place in a seminar room to 'Fabulous' by Sharpay Evans in High School Musical 2.

The execution was flawless, and the unapologetic vibes are iconic. If you haven't seen the video, you can watch it on our Instagram story.

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Ashley Tisdale is shaking

"All my dance friends are very encouraging! And just generally try to keep it fabulous."

A day in the life wouldn't be complete without being tucked into bed with a bottle of prosecco and a tiara would it?