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If every Lancs college was a halloween costume this is what they’d be

I’m a mouse… duh!

Some Halloween outfits are obviously better than others and the same clearly applies to colleges. Not everyone can be a cool cat or a classic witch, some of you just have to face the music and accept your college isn't superior and neither is your halloween outfit.

If you're out of ideas for this witching season I'd strongly suggest you consult this list to truly find out what you should be based on your Lancaster college.

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Bowland: Vampire

You've been dressing up as a vampire since year two, the costume still fits and you've never been one for an exciting idea. They came back in fashion for a bit back in the day with the rise of Twilight. So you might have been cool when we were twelve, but you're not cool now.

Joining Bowland just might have heavily impacted your coolness and your consistent willingness to dress up as a vampire.

Cartmel: Ghost

No one can see you anyway, you're tucked away and a little bit spooky. On the plus side, a ghost is easy to achieve, simply cut some holes in your bed sheet and go wild in Sugar. Caution: VK on a bedsheet isn't a good look, approach with weariness.

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Super scary

County: Some kind of road man zombie?

Any excuse to make your Filas and cargo trousers spooky, it is obviously key to look edgy at all events. Bonus points if you have a Supreme belt or a Carhartt jacket to match. Absolutely none of your outfit will be Halloween related but you'll definitely have some fake blood dripping from your eye or something.

Grizedale: Cat

You're the leader of the pack and I'd be strongly concerned if you didn't look cool this halloween. Dressing as a cat is undeniably basic but also gets you maximum cool points. It involves dressing as you normally would, still looking fit, and adding only the slightliest spooky factor, outstanding. Bonus points if you're a wild cat like a tiger or something, now that is c o o l.

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Two cool cats

Fylde: Skeleton

Yet again, you have been doing this since the age of like thirteen? All the girls have those classic skeleton ASOS bodycons, and the lads have those weird stretchy things that I don't trust. This is a classic outfit and can be bought literally anywhere.

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Peep that skeleton at the front

Furness: Pumpkin

You're quite a cute college, you're not wild but you are cute. Pumpkins are quite cute too, unless they're spooky, but we think you'd make a good pumpkin Furness. Mum's always want their kids to be pumpkins anyway it's just quite nice and inoffensive really.

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Spooky scary skeletons

Lonsdale: Lion

You're all just obsessed with trying to claim your college isn't the worst and will do ANYTHING to give off the extreme vibe of college pride. We get it, you love being tucked away in South West campus with a barely open bar! To be fair though, a lion is a pretty cool costume so we salute that at least.

Pendle: A witch OBVIOUSLY

Imagine Pendle being anything but a witch, you literally have your Halloween outfit cut out for you without even thinking! I don't need to give you reasons it's just obvious isn't it. If you're opposed to being a witch please be a wizard, thanks.

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It's witching season

It's spooky time

If worst comes to worst and you hate all of my costume ideas (I wouldn't blame you), be Gail Platt.

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