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Here are some easy ways to fight fast fashion in Lancaster

And look good doing it

If you’re into fashion, you’ve probably heard the news by now – fast fashion is the world’s second largest industrial polluter. Though you wouldn’t think it, 430,000 tonnes of clothes are binned each year, and it spells trouble for the environment.

But of course, we don’t all have the funds to buy from the likes of sustainable brands, Reformation, Everlane or Lucy and Yak. So how can you fight fast fashion on a student’s budget in Lancaster?

Vintage shops

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Aside from the fact that vintage clothing is very in right now, it’s also much more sustainable than buying fast fashion pieces new. This is where vintage stores come in.

Despite being a small city, Lancaster is blessed with two affordable vintage shops – Swag (@swagvintageuk) and Thrift N Shout (@thrift_n_shout_lancaster) – each just a stone’s throw away from the other on the ring road.

Whether you’re looking for a funky fleece for the winter, or the perfect pair of vintage levis, these shops probably have something for you. And compared to other vintage stores, at pretty reasonable prices, too.

Charity shops

This method may be a little more labour-intensive, but every so often you can find some real gems at charity shops. Whether it’s Oxfam, The Salvation Army or St John’s Hospice on campus, it’s worth having a browse every once in a while. If you put a bit of time in, you might find something you really like.

But more importantly, if you have any pieces that are in good condition and just aren’t getting enough love, consider donating them (or selling them on depop, if you have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit). This probably goes without saying, but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and it saves your old stuff from just rotting away on some landfill somewhere.

Kilo sales

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Another great way to shop more sustainably is to buy from vintage kilo sales – there’s usually at least one held in town per term.

At these sales, you just grab what you like, try it on, then pay whatever it all weighs. And because some items (scarves, t-shirts, skirts) are quite light, there are some real bargains up for grabs! It’s a bit of a win-win situation, really. You get a steal, and you contribute to the slow fashion movement at the same time.

Clothes swaps

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Clothes swap events are a brilliant way to mix up your wardrobe a bit without buying anything new – all you have to do is make sure that you give one item back for anything you take.

Though these events don’t happen so often, it’s definitely worth taking the opportunity when they do – after all, most of us have clothes lurking in our wardrobes that could be put to better use by somebody else. Keep your eye on Lancaster's fashion society, ISSUE, for all the details. Who knows, some of the people participating could have real taste!