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Best cafes in Lancs

The hottest spots for a coffee in Lancs

Many students just can't resist a quick cafe trip, don't deprive yourself of the cravibgs. This ones for all those first years who don't know the hot spots in Lancs, or for the rest of you who just haven't ventured into Lancaster's greatest cafes, here's a break down of the greatest spots.

The best spot for coffee and cake

The Music Room by Atkinson's is a firm favourite in Lancaster. Their coffee is probably one of the best in town, and their bakewell tart is to die for. Even though their cakes are definitely something to rave about, you should definitely try their cheese and chilli jam toastie, what a god send.

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Coffee and cake at the Music Room

Another solid fav in the world of coffee and cake has to be Journey Social! This lovely plant-y cafe is situated right by Common Garden Street so ideal for a cheeky post-uni break. The little cafe is always heaving so better grab yourself a seat! Rumour has it their hot food is to die for as well.

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Coffee and cake at Journey Social

The best spots for veggies/vegans

Lancaster cafes definitely cater to all dietary requirements but it has to be said that The Herbarium is one of the best. With it's beautiful plant decor, cosy environment and yoga space this cafe is an all-round winner. Their menu is a mixture of vegan brunch/lunch classics, it's super hard to say no to mushrooms on toast or a Mexican Bowl.

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Mushrooms on toast at the Herb

This absolute Lancastrian hub of veggie/veganism can't be missed, The Whale Tail cafe. This cafe is a little tucked away, but their breakfasts are worth the search (and such a bargain!!). There's also always art on sale and exhibitions going on, so definitely a spot worth checking out!

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Breakfast at The Whale Tail

Best fry up

Sometimes Spoons doesn't always hit the spot and that's fine! The Sunbury always has a bargain of a breakfast on before 11am, and is everything you could want and more in a fry up. The setting is a little old fashioned, but don't judge a book by its' cover.

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Sunbury's full english

The outlier

Cornish Bakery!!! The ideal little caf where you can get the cheapest pasties and pies going. You're in the North, embrace it and get a pastie in you. There's loads of veggie and vegan options as well so they really do cater for everyone.

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Cornish Bakery

Best all-rounder

Want a coffee: Brew, want a cake: Brew, want brunch: Brew. Basically, if you want Lancaster's best all round cafe, hit up Brew! They serve lovely sandwiches, lovely cake, lovely brunch. They've just got it all and I can't fault it.

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Brunch at Brew

There you have it!

Little Lancaster really does have it all, so take your time to check these spots out when you're not knee deep in coursework! There are so many other cafes to check out, so grab your study materials, grab a coffee and get exploring!