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Lancs most notorious BNOC: The final

The votes are in x

You've been with us from the journey, voted along the way… and now the pack is narrowed down to 2. It's time to hear what they have to say on why they should be Lancaster's most notorious BNOC 2019.

Jake Guria-Garnett

Why should I be BNOC of the year? I'm physically bigger. My name is longer. I've been at Lancaster Uni longer.

This is for the girthy boys out there. For the boys who get told 'woah, slow down there big boy'. For the boys who get the big breakfast at Fylde, for the boys who have a lil extra sauce.

Also shoutout to Rugby League for corrupting me, Matty Canavan, Sam Hudson, Matt Tye and Paddy Boyers, look what you have created.

Big up the girthy brothers.

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Alice Mills

Win or lose, it's been a pleasure. Thank you to my flat, my mum, and Elton John for supporting me throughout the competition- I couldn't have done it without you.

(keeping it short and sweet)

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