Which Peep Show character is your Lancs college?

Heavy if you’re Dobby

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Just like the colleges, not every Peep Show character is made equal. Here's the lowdown on which Peep Show character your college is:

Bowland, Sophie

You've been here the whole time, and so has Soph, but neither of you are really a main character. Everyone kinda fancies you, your central location is kinda appealing, but that's about it. Your university life is about as miserable as Sophie and Mark's marriage. Bowland, no one really cares x


Cartmel, Dobby

Weird. Nerdy. Socially awkward. Cartmel.


County, Big Suze

Big Suze is constantly trying to live the Bohemian lifestyle, but in reality she's just incredibly posh. We see through your Fila Dinostompers and gap year trousers, you ooze middle class there's no way of hiding it.

Big Suze

Furness, Mark

You're just so sensible. It's admirable but quite frankly boring. You have to be so tucked away on campus because your levels of social awkwardness are unbearable and you haven't received a party invite in about five years. Despite all of these flaws you're somehow weirdly endearing, and that makes it all the more unlikeable.


Fylde, Nancy

Might just be a stereotype tbh but she's fit and works at the gym. You're most likely fit and you probs go the gym. All adds up really. (Also, I just get the feeling Nancy would be pretty sound at knocking back a Dark Fruits)


Grizedale, Johnson

It's nice to see that you guys have your shit together! Alan has his work life sorted, his love life sorted, a nice car…Basically the equivalent of living in a townhouse or superior en suite really. A reliable character, always know it's gonna be good quality, sums up GZ at the end of the day.


Lonsdale, Super Hans

To be honest Lonnie what even goes on in your corner of campus. Everything is unhinged and off the rails, a bit like Super Hans (or Lonsdale Bar). You like to take your parties a little too far, and ensure that everyone's aware. You're completely unpredictable, and we guess that can be kind of fun…but at the end of the day we just don't trust you.

Super Hans

Pendle, Jeremy

You wish you were as wild as Super Hans (Lonsdale) but in reality you're not (which is in no way a bad thing). You do try a bit too hard to be edgy, but you're a lot more loveable than Mark. Your antics are largely debatable, but at the end of the day it gives you a solid personality. Pendle you're messy, but we love you.