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Study Room: Lancaster’s hidden gem for a student meal out

Affordable? Check. Good food? Check. Typewriters on the wall? Check. What’s not to love about The Study Room?

I have been to The Study Room a couple of times now (only on Tuesday's of course, 50% of food?, ah yes please!) And I cannot fault it one bit!

Feels like home, but better because, cocktails!

The ambiance of the restaurant is friendly, warm and welcoming; the food is incredible – their TSR Classic crispy chicken burger with chunky chips is to die for!

The Study Room's target audience for students is perfect, with the aesthetic and decor being apt for uni students – cheap food and typewriters on the wall to remind you of all those hours you spent writing those essays? How could we forget right?

I haven't even touched on the best part – 2-4-1 COCKTAILS! And that's not just on Tuesdays, cheap cocktails everyday of the week!

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Pornstar Martini and Strawberry daiquiri are a MUST try

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Sex on the Beach pitchers anyone?

Sweet potato fries are the way forward…

But The Study Room is great for the range it has on food and drink. For food they have a range of burgers – I defo recommend the TSR Classic – but they are also great for a range of vegetarian and vegan foods; 5 Bean Chilli, Vegan Chilli Dog, Spicy Bean Burger? You name it, they have you covered.

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Did I mention 2-4-1 cocktails?

Same applies to drinks; I would always push the 2-4-1 cocktails (all day, every day I may add) but I'm a cocktail loving gal!

They have a range of beers and spirits to satisfy all tastes, along with wines as well.

Not a drinker? Not a problem! They have a range of soft-drinks for the designated drivers or just if you fancy a relaxing drink as well with J2Os, Pepsi and various juices.

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Have a fancy meal out, even on a student budget

In terms of prices, The Study Room is relatively affordable, but in order to save those extra pennies you will want to swing by on 'Tasty Tuesdays' when there is 50% off on all food which is a bargain! Means you can get a 2 course meal with a drink for under £15! In terms of deals, you can also grab 3 starters for £12 if you're in a peckish mood.

So yeah, turns out I love The Study Room…

To summarise, The Study Room is perfect for all occasions and a great place to eat out with family and friends. It's got a great vibe of a place that's buzzing with life, whilst also being affordable (the priority for most students am I right?) The good news for Lancs students is that it's also open late, Monday to Saturday it's open late and on Sunday it's open until midnight. Don't fancy Sugar? Get to The Study Room!