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Confirmed: Lancs Grad Ball isn’t happening again this year

The Grad Ball is suspended for the ‘foreseeable future’.

The Lancaster Grad Ball isn't happening again this year, it has been confirmed.

Last year, LUSU made the decision to cancel the Grad Ball due to an insufficient amount of ticket sales. When this decision was made, it was announced that Grad Ball was being suspended for the 'foreseeable future'.

LUSU stated that it had become clear that the union could not deliver the kind of event students wanted with what they had available to them.

"It would not be responsible for the students' union, as a charity, to continue running this event in its existing form," report SCAN.

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There are currently no plans to reinstate the Grad Ball. Although the union has said it is keeping an "open mind" about the future of the event, they appear certain that they are not in a position to offer an event of the quality and value that students expect.

LUSU posted a statement on their Facebook page: "We're sorry for any disappointment this causes, but we hope you'll still enjoy a fantastic end to the Summer Term at our college Extrav events and the numerous other end-of-year celebrations that will be happening across the university."