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Where to take your parents for food in Lancs

The hot spots to take your parents in Lancs

We all have that awkward "so…where should we go for food?" discussion with our families when they visit. Truth be told, we're poor, we don't know Lancaster THAT well and TripAdvisor just isn't up to scratch here is it? Luckily I enjoy food a bit too much and am here to fill you in one where your parents will enjoy eating (or where they can treat you!!)

All time fav: Pizza Margarita

This little pizzeria tucked away in Dalton Square is mine and my Mums' fav place to eat together in Lancs. With their lovely range of pizzas and modern decor, you don't actually feel like you're in Lancs at all. It's medium price, and definitely worth the money!! (Plus if anyone's a vegan they can add vegan cheese to any pizza, and even vegan pepperoni!!)

Fave menu item: The cobbles on the starters menu, think little doughballs oozing with piping hot cheese (sexual, I know)

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The famous cobbles!!

The lunch date Atkinson's The Hall

It's a well established fact that Atkinson's is the best coffee in town, I will not have disputed. But I PROMISE their toasties are up to scratch as well!! Plus they have this cool coffee brewing thing, and the atmosphere is so chill and perfect for a catch up! It gets super busy here so make sure you grab yourself a seat before ordering!

Fave menu item: Smoked cheese and chutney toastie, a classic but you can't go wrong.

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Can't beat a good toastie

Classic British pub food: The Plough, Galgate

The Plough is a little tucked away, but one of the closest places to eat to campus, so perfect if you're a first year! (It's that little place in Galgate everyone passes when they're being dropped off back at uni). It has a friendly pub environment, with a more modern, fusion pub menu. The variety is incred, prices low and there are SO many gins! What's not to love!!

Fave menu item: Classic pub lasagna with garlic bread! Simple, but banging.

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Look at all that cheese!!

Something a little different: Kashish

I have tried and tested many of the Indians in town and can confirm that Kashish is a firm fav of mine (and my family loves it!) Their dishes are sooo yummy, the decor is really cool and they do a family hanging naan which is like three of my faces put together – it's HUGE.

Fave dish: Try the chicken and keema bhuna (shout out to Gavin and Stacy) with a family garlic naan ofc!! Absolutely beautiful.

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Look at that curry!

Call your parents rn!!

It's always good to see your parents every once in a while, and if anything it makes the term go a little faster! Now you know the best places to eat, give them a call and invite them over, you know the score!