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Everything you need to know about Lancaster Sports Team socials

Invading Sugarhouse since 1982

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Wednesday, the night on which sports teams from all across the country descend upon clubs far and wide, delivering entertainment to other students and locals alike.

Lancaster teams take this to new levels, with unprecedented bravery and outrageous self confidence, they walk the rooms of Crafty, Hustle, and Sugar with absolutely no shame. So without further ado, this is everything you need to know about Lancaster University's sports team socials.

Swimming & Water Polo

You are likely to find the swim team either treating the locals to a view comparable to the Magic Mike cast in Crafty Scholar, or alternatively being the mass of skin to the right of the stage in Sugarhouse big room. Despite the obvious aversion for clothes, these lot are pretty harmless, preferring to partake in the act of ‘swimcest’ as opposed to looking for love further afield from the team.

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The infamous TJ wedding


One word: testosterone. It seems like the big lads of rugby will do anything for an excuse to get their tops off; Spartans? Check. Maori? Check. When not showing off the results from the pre sesh press-ups just done in the bathroom, rugby have been known to opt for the more formal dress of a shirt and tie.

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Did you know that the Spartans invented K cider?


A wild hockey player is spotted grafting a fresher divided from her friends. Shock. It seems that hockey are somewhat split in their social etiquette. Half of the team can be found as a gaggle in front Sugar's big room stage, overshadowed by the mass of topless rugby lads. The remaining are scattered across big and small room seeking that last-minute pull. With plenty of classic joint socials, hockey have made themselves pretty well-known around campus. Although, we can't quite work out what this social is supposed to be.

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We're not quite sure what this is meant to be either

Boat club

Most likely to be seen letting everyone know at ALL times that they’re in boat club, either wearing their spandex rowing costumes, or LUBC branded white t-shirts or life jackets. They stand on the platform in big room to maintain their middle class status, overlooking the crowd of non-rowing peasants.

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They row, in case they hadn't told you already…


Uni netball, Lonsdale netball, County netball, Pendle netball – they're never-ending. Seemingly the default social to be on if you’re not quite good enough to make it onto a different team. Dress codes tend to rotate between 80s, army, and grannies, so you'd probably recognise the netballers on a Wednesday night. You’re pretty likely to find these lot dancing to DJ Wez's rendition of 'Breaking Free' at Crafty, or blagging drinks from the rugby lads in Sugar.

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A rare photo of the Uni netball team looking sophisticated

Mens Football

These guys are steeped in tradition. Pub golf, Old boys, Crate escape, Anything-But-Clothes… You name a social, the football lads no doubt have it on their extensive list of annual themes. Apparently cultural appropriation isn’t one that they have in their locker though.

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What a cultured group of lads

Lancaster sports teams have proven themselves to be both imaginative and outrageous with their social antics. From the class of weddings and dress codes, to the trash of bin socials and copious volumes of fake tan, each team has made their mark on Lancaster's nightlife. But which social would you most likely be on?