We spoke to the guy who proposed in the Lancaster library

‘I was really really nervous’

If you’re still wondering what all the noise was in the library was last Friday and have also missed the bombardment of notifications from the Overheard at Lancaster Facebook page, a man proposed to his now fiancé in on the C Floor. We caught up with Connor Monoghan, the mastermind behind the operation and now future husband-to-be, to find out just why he popped the question in such a place.


Having planned the proposal for around 12 months, you would have thought that a library was a peculiar setting to propose in, but for Lancaster graduates Connor and his girlfriend Alice it has a special place in both of their hearts. It was there that they met, Connor then a fresher and Alice in her final year, beginning with an exchange of a few stolen glances and escalating from there.

Connor said: “I kept looking over at her and she kept looking at me… We got talking on Facebook as I was hosting a Lancaster University American Football Superbowl party and we got chatting and started dating.”

Since then, the couple dated for three years before Connor decided to pop the question and after “organising with the choir and the photographers and the videographer for months”, he proposed. “I was really really nervous” He said “Trying to organise it was hard”.


Congratulations Connor and Alice! An inspiring story to all of those who are too scared to talk to their library crushes!

Photos courtesy to The Lancaster Photographer and Connor Monoghan.