Dalton Rooms has had conditions placed on its license

They’ve had too many noise complaints

Our well-loved nightclub has had conditions placed on its licence after the police received complaints about noise and late night “rowdy behaviour”.


Dalton Rooms was the subject of a licence review hearing at Lancaster Town Hall on Wednesday November 18.

Grant Stringer, who runs the establishment, claims he had spent thousands of pounds on addressing the issues, including sound proofing interior walls, “echo barriers” outside the front door, and moving smokers to the back of his premises, all to no avail.

Seriously, be quiet (Photo by The Lancaster Photographer)

Lancaster City Council have given Mr Stringer another chance, enforcing more restrictive measures to quieten down the noisemakers: this included shutting off the front doors of the venue between 2am and close of business each night and directing customers to the back of the premises.

Speaking to the Lancaster Guardian, Local Colin Wood said: “People have been urinating on Queen Victoria’s monument – both men and women. I’m frightened to go to sleep because I know the noise is coming.”

Another Local, Michael Nunn, agrees: “I think most reasonable people would not object to some levels of noise on a Friday and Saturday night, but I think we could query the need for clubbing on a Sunday and Monday night.”

Is it too late now to say sorry?