Campus Style: Winter is Coming

Beautiful individuals who use the upcoming winter season as their newest fashion accessory

As temperature slowly drops and the air gets chillier – Lancastrians naturally smother themselves in unattractive layers that threaten to drown them. An oversized hoodie/jumper and leggings or joggers become our new best friend, as no one cares what’s socially acceptable to be seen in anymore.

Comfort is key during this season.

Not intending to follow the crowd these students don their Sunday best every day of the week, they shine in comparison to us hoodie commoners. We asked their advice on the most attractive piece of clothing the opposite sex could wear, in order to catch their fashionable eye.

Aimie Dugan, 19, Second Year English Literature 


Aimie says: “A nice scarf – but it has to be a good one, it can’t be average.” A statement scarf – get it on your Christmas lists boys.

Egor Kazachenko, 23, Postgrad Msc Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change


He says: “A Coat and Scarf.” Simple yet effective.

Natalie Faulkner, 20, Second Year English Literature


She says: “A good jumper and black jeans combo.” Again, easily achieved, you have no excuses for slacking lads.

Rahoul Naik, 19, Second Year European Management with Spanish 


He says: “A scarf that matches the rest of the outfit. It has to be sexy though none of that black Primark shit.”

Katie Pickup, 20, Business studies Student


She says: “‘Like a long sleeved shirt, and smart jumper.”

Kareem Pabani, 18, First Year Medicine 


He says: “Not a long coat but like a medium sized coat, like a beige Doctor Who one.”

Charlotte Hakes, 19, Second Year Lit Student


She says that “the most attractive thing for a guy is a scarf.”

Leo Baldi, 20, Second Year Philosophy 


He says: “A turtle neck jumper because it looks effortless.”