Girls’ campus style: Day vs night

Looking gooooooood

Best Day Dressed girls Night

Sick of giving 110 per cent with nobody noticing?

While most of us are squinting at grey skies and trekking to early morning lectures – these people are already donning their pre-planned outfits.

And they look pretty good at night too.



Psychology third year Cat Sturman has managed to merge comfort and class with her outfit. She says she would never been seen dead in bright colours.


Religious Studies third year Victoria Crowther is putting the beau in boho with her classic style – you feel all warm just looking at that scarf.

She says she would never be seen in jeans. “I don’t like tight fitting clothes, I prefer loose clothing, like bohemian stuff.”


Foundation year Law student Khulud Jarrar keeps it simple on a cold winter day – she looks ready for the courtroom already.

She says she would never wear neon or bright colours: “I don’t like anything too flashy”.


Are you wearing a T-shirt and jeans because getting drunk is prioritised above dressing up? Well these people can do both.


Marketing and Design third year Charlotte Arnold is bringing the Grammy’s to the red carpet of Dalton Rooms bathroom.

She says she would never wear full on body con, so no morph suits, “I don’t like really tight body con.”


Business Studies fresher Katie Pickle says she avoids showing too much skin – “I would never show legs and boobs at the same time.”


Physics first year Meg Singleton makes red elegant rather than tacky with her outfit. She says: “I would never wear two different prints at one time.”