Pre-drinks are better than a night out

I just love prinking in my pants

What’s the best part of pre-drinking? Well one answer is you can drink in your underwear…

Let’s be honest, you can wear whatever you want. Whether it’s your hole ridden favourite pair of boxers or your giraffe onesie, sexy isn’t necessary for pre-drinks.

Then come the games. There is no way you could ever successfully pull off the dentist chair in a club. Prinking allows all the classics to be dragged out the bag, we are talking ring of fire, a little game of slaps and some fuzzy duck…does he?

You can even dance on the tables..kinda..

And whilst you chug down your Glen’s vodka, or bargain a shot of your own brand Sambuca for half a glass of your mates knock-off wine, you start to get a great handle on the goss.

Never have I ever becomes the prinking sport, everyone is a contender and yes… she really did put that in there.

In the midst of making animal noises, enjoying a waterfall or two or losing at chicken goggles (on a serious note does anyone actually know how to play that game) you will inevitably need a wee.

And nowhere is more comfortable for breaking that seal than right there in your very own home. You can even take your drink in if you want to.


So maybe its time to accept clubbing is old school (in a bad way). I mean does anyone actually enjoy hearing that same playlist on shuffle in Sugar every week?

Now’s the time for drinking in your superman costume on your mismatched uni sofas whilst digging for gossip from your best mates.

Plus, if you have to overstep a puddle of puke at least you know whose it is.