Pendle and County worst colleges for crime

Alex Square is a criminal hotspot

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Lancaster is always first to boast about its safety, with its ranking as the 3rd safest campus in the country.

But our beloved campus isn’t as safe as you think.

Caution: Most of these will shock you but don’t let it bother you on your day-to-day travels.

Pendle and County have the highest numbers of reported crimes out of all the nine colleges, with anti-social behaviour related crimes topping the list as the most common.

The glorious Pendle – don’t let the sunlight fool ya’

Both County and Pendle averaged around two reported crimes a month.

County Psychology fresher Steph Gwendolen Murdy was shocked at the findings. She said: “It’s a shock, you don’t really think about crime on campus because it’s like you know everyone.”

Cartmel proved to be the safest college on campus, with literally no crimes reported there within the last year.

It’s all doom and gloom in County

Strangely, the library is the biggest “dark spot” on campus with over 35% of all crimes being committed in front of our dearest friend.

After Greggs on campus was broken into, these statistics have become a lot more believable.

Alex Square looking just as dangerous back in ’07

On a happier note, crime has been going down on campus with a total drop of 28% in 2014.