Here are the best spots to skate in London over lockdown

Because what else is there to do?

London’s new lockdown restrictions necessitate the closure of all indoor and outdoor sports venues, including skate parks across the country. However, you can still skate as part of your daily exercise, either by yourself, with other members of your household or socially distanced with one other person. Excercise during lockdown can get incredibly repetitive– and I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of Boris bikes these past few months. So it might be time to order that second-hand skateboard from Depop for a unique form of exercise.

If you want to know where you can skate apart from your backyard or the car park, this guide is for you. These spots are inclusive of skateboarders, rollerskaters and even Heelys users (let’s bring them back!). Let’s face it, the skate park was too intimidating for you anyway, so why not try something new?

1. Guy’s Campus

Sometimes there are breakdancers down this tunnel too

KCL’s very own Guy’s Campus serves as an excellent skating site, especially for beginners. From the slight downhill slope next to the entrance of the science museum to the tunnel of flat surface in front of Guy’s bar, these spots are ideal for skating when they’re not busy with students.

2. St Paul’s

St Paul’s is visible all the way from the other end of the Millennium Bridge

The area around St Paul’s Cathedral has been a historically famous spot among skateboarders, due to the many ledges, short stairs and the vast flat surface. Skaters can practice cruising as well as tricks here. The surroundings are beautiful, and the experience gets even more scenic if you’ve come from Millennium Bridge to cross the river.

3. Coal Drops Yard

There are plenty of flat spaces to skate around Coal Drops Yard by King’s Cross. This area is an interesting place to walk around in general, from ‘underground’ Waitrose to the fascinating looking Gasholder Park by the canal. Note: you will probably be joined by a number of cyclists.

4. Hyde Park

Royal Parks allow skaters on the roads and cycle routes around the parks – skating along the Serpentine Road by the lake may be more of a summer activity, but it is scenic nonetheless all year round. Plus, you could go for a walk to Buckingham Palace afterwards.

5. Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is another great place to skate around– you may be doing a few laps of the Inner Circle just for fun before checking out the rose garden. Here is the full list of Royal Parks that allow skaters to go on the roads, including St James’ Park, Greenwich Park and more.

Lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity to practice your skills before heading to Selfridge’s indoor skate bowl, or Southbank skate park for after lockdown ends. Just find your local park or favourite spot, and happy skating!

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