King’s is giving free food boxes to students staying in halls over Christmas

They are delivered right to your door

King’s College London is currently issuing food boxes to students staying in halls over the Christmas period.

These boxes are completely free and is delivered right to your door. Previously, this was only provided to students in self-isolation.

I am staying in halls over Christmas and I was greeted by a knock at the door followed by three massive food boxes. Here’s what I got in the boxes:

I was extremely excited to receive all these canned goods and even snacks such as gingerbread men and Quality Street. I’m quite tempted to try out so many different recipes with all this food, to be honest.

This box also rice includes rice, longlife milk and cornflakes. As well as this, I was given loads of fresh food:

I received some cupboard essentials such as pasta and bread, eggs, and lots of fresh vegetables and fruit from spinach to bananas – probably enough to last one or two weeks. This was especially helpful as I was planning to do a food shop this evening. It saves a lot of money too, so I was quite happy I received this package.

King’s Residences said they have scheduled to give us three of these packages over the whole holiday period.

An email was sent out on the 24th of November from King’s Residences with a list of things the university is doing to support their students over the Christmas period.

This includes online activities and events organised by the ResiLife team and KCLSU to help students stay connected to others. Onsite residences team and welfare leads are available in person if needed. Pro-Counselling support is also offered over the break.

I have also been reminded by the reception staff that I am welcome to talk to them any point as they acknowledged that staying at halls over Christmas can be a challenging time. I’m grateful for all the support that King’s Residences has given me.

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