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London students spent nearly £63m during Freshers’ Week 2019

The average London student spent £393 on freshers activities

A recent study has shown that the average London student spent £393 during freshers.

The study by Yolt showed 161,000 freshers in London spent on average £63m during this period.

This spending was used on participating in freshers activities, with the spending total also including money spent on groceries, additional university course materials and other social events.

The average freshers spending UK wide was £283 spent in Freshers' Week, with London students spending over a £100 more than this.

The CMO of Yolt said: "For students in London, just like many across the country, the first loan payment is proving all too tempting with students spending, on average, around 80 per cent of their monthly budget.

"While students may need to budget especially carefully after splashing out in their first month at university, for London, student spending comes as a welcomed cash-injection, helping to support local restaurants, bars and other shops".

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