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‘Brexit Party girl’ Emily Hewertson is coming to King’s this year

She used a Twitter poll to decide

Emily Hewertson, who rose to fame after appearing as an audience member on BBC's Question Time and posting a viral video of her watching the EU election results at a pre-drinks, is coming to King's in September.

Emily told The King's Tab she was "extremely excited" to begin studying at King's, adding it was "a dream come true."

She made the life-changing decision by asking Twitter to choose if she should go to King's or Nottingham this year.

Emily created the initial poll on Twitter because she preferred the course at Nottingham, adding "but going to King's has always been a dream of mine".

After the poll came to 55 per cent King's and 45 per cent Nottingham, Hewertson announced on Twitter that she had decided to study Politics and Religion at King's next in October.

Emily Hewertson entered the public eye when she appeared on Question Time in May this year.

As a Conservative Party member, she criticised the Conservatives for their handling of Brexit.

Speaking on Question Time she said: "The party has let us down and I will be voting for the Brexit Party during the European elections and that seems to me, a democratic way of having a 'second referendum' – which would be undemocratic."

Since her appearance on the BBC show, Hewertson has been upheld by some Brexiteers as the face of young people in the Brexit Party. However, Hewertson faced controversy when the BBC News released a video on her titled, "Party girls can do politics".

Some viewers complained the BBC was painting Hewertson as a teenager who like politics and a night out, while failing to mention she was a member of Turning Point UK, which has been accused of Islamophobia in the past, and was described as an "influencer" for the group by The Daily Mail.

Emily recently left Turning Point UK, tweeting in June: "I am no longer an influencer for Turning Point UK. I wish them all the best!"

We contacted Emily to ask how she's feeling about starting King's in September. She replied: "I am extremely excited to start my King’s journey in September. To be studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the world whist being in the hustle and bustle of London life really is a dream come true!"