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King’s student who threatened to chop her lecturer’s penis off is sentenced to 12 months of community service

She’s not allowed on campus anymore

A King's History graduate was recently sentenced to 12 months of community order, banned from entering any King's campuses, and handed a ten-year long restraining order against Dr. Dillon after threatening to cut off his penis.

Earlier this year, we reported the story of Stephanie Christol, who pleaded not guilty to harassing and abusing a senior lecturer, Dr. Christopher Dillon.

Dr. Dillon claimed Christol was stalking and leaving him nasty messages in his office, insulting his partner and threatening his own well-being.

While sentencing Christol, the judge said: "I do not see why he should have to step out his office and see your face.

"You do not contact him. You are an intelligent young lady, you have got a degree, you know what you are doing. If you contact him you go to prison".

During her trial in April, sensitive information on the case surfaced, including Dr. Dillon's claims that Christol threatened to cut off his penis and "shove it up his bottom" in one of her letters addressed to him.

Christol claims that the threats spiralled as a response to Dr. Dillon sending her a reading list to support her dissertation research, including a cartoon called "The Virgin Snail", which Christol believed was Dr. Dillon's way of making fun of how little sexual experience she had.

She told the court: "They sent me articles and one of them I reacted badly to. I was first angry because I thought he was laughing at me for being sexually inexperienced. I was a paranoid about it and I was trying to deal with my paranoia."

Dr. Dillon also claims Christol sent him threatening letters and emails which, according to the Daily Mail, "were extremely abusive in their nature", saying Doctor Dillon’s partner was "a dog" and "ugly as fuck".
She threatened also wrote: "I am going to find a way to make you apologise".

Christol claims that "the letters were an explanation of my traumatic parental background", and although the letters were seized by the prosecution team as evidence, she was said to want them back to send to her relatives.

The Tab King's has reached out to Christol for a statement, but received no response.