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King’s student pleads not guilty to stalking and harassment allegations made by lecturer

When a crush on a lecturer goes too far

Stephanie Christol, a King's History graduate, has been recently accused of harassing German History lecturer Dr. Christopher Dillon, as she is reported to have sent him "distressing" emails and messages on Facebook.

Dr. Dillon claims that he was harassed by Christol from April 2016 to November last year, the Telegraph reports, with the student sending him letters, gifts and paying him unrequested visits even after receiving a harassment warning letter in September.

Christol, from Islington, plead not guilty to the charge of harassment without violence and is scheduled to attend a trial hearing on April 6 where, if found guilty, she could serve up to six months in jail or pay up an unlimited hefty fine to Dr. Dillon.

The Tab King's has reached out to Christol for a statement, but received no response.