Big Ben is the seventh most Instagrammed location in the WORLD

I mean you could just photograph every other clock that doesn’t chime

Big Ben is one of those monuments that Londoners acknowledge with a nod when walking around Westminster, but apparently part of the most popular sights to Instagram in the city if you’re a tourist.

The site Travel Bird, found two of the most popular destinations in each region of USA, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, UK, Finland, Germany. They searched hashtags and scrolled for years, to create a list of all the most popular travel destinations.

Disneyland in California comes first with 14,615,952 hashtags, with the USA holding 5 spots out of the top 10. Yet our LOCAL CLOCK is in SEVENTH place with 2,561,617! Beam pride!!

Here are the most beautiful Instas of OUR CITY, sans chime…. yaaas Instagram ratings!!