KCL Fashion Society launch their own range of merchandise

It’s Vogue, darling

To celebrate what has been an extremely productive year for the KCL Fashion Society, on April 1st they launched their very own merchandise that are the vision of the society. Since it has only been functional since 2014, minimal funding has been provided by the SU, but by relying on campaigns and fundraisers, the exec team decided to launch their range of new and exclusive merchandise. Ranging from t-shirts, mugs, jumpers and phone cases, there’s a whole array to spend your money on.

The Tab spoke exclusively to Caroline Simpson, current (and departing) President, said “the idea started from trying to find something to differentiate ourselves from other societies, to look cool (let’s face it) and approachable. It was my main goal as President, I wanted to leave the society by starting a cool project.”

Sports teams usually have a ton of stash for their members that make them feel like they’re part of something big, that they belong at Kings. That’s what we wanted for our members as well. As well as them, this has my team building something together and seeing immediate feedback from our members is amazing!”

Over the winter holidays, the Fashion Society initially started fundraising for the project by doing a joint Fashion social with LSE, UCL, Regents and Imperial. They made close to £300 from the social, as they thought it would be a good way to see how members felt about the initial designs and receive them as gifts over Christmas.

But it’s not just KCL students who have noticed its potential already; “I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and ask me where they can get hold of our merchandise already, even on the tube from people who have no idea who we are?!”

Because KCL radiates a cool vibe about the university and what the students wear, the Fashion society thought it would be high time they created emblems and t-shirts that acknowledged this. “STRAIGHT OUTTA KCL” white t-shirts and marble white phone cases are how they feel really represent the university.

There isn’t a page for you to order from just yet, but message any of the Exec team or the committee on the email [email protected] to order independently!